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Marlene Tanti: Personal Profile

B.A. Hons Degree in 3D Design/Ceramics



Marlene began her Art training at St Albans College of Art, Hertfordshire, and then went on to complete a BA Degree in Three Dimensional  Design at Middlesex University, specialising in Ceramics. Among her tutors at the time were Emmanuel Cooper and Mo Jupp, who encouraged and inspired her work.

After graduating in 1975, she worked for a few years as a member of two pottery workshops known as Gopsall Street Pottery and  Briglin Pottery in London. During this period she improved her skills as a craft studio potter, working as a team, but she always remained more drawn towards Ceramics as an art form. Marlene continued to produce her own individual pieces of Ceramics, working from her own studio workshops whilst living in London, and now currently in Hertfordshire. 

Marlene was born in Calcutta, India, and her  childhood memories of India and her love of Persian and Egyptian Art, have  had a strong influence on her work.  She has developed a unique style of incised decoration that frequently uses  images of palm trees, fish, and spirals. 

“My particular interest in decorating has been at the initial clay stage, when it is possible to incise and make marks in the clay before it is fired, and then further enhance the incising with the use of oxides and glazes.”

Marlene has also taught Ceramics at various Further Education Colleges in London and Hertfordshire, and gained a PGCE at Greenwich University. She is currently teaching only one class now at Oaklands College in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and focusing on making new work for Exhibitions and Commissions.

Marlene has sold work through Exhibitions and Galleries in London and Hertfordshire, and is an Associate Member or Fellow, of the following organisations:

A Digswell Arts Trust Fellow. ( 2008 -2013 )

An Associate Member of the Craftsmen Potters Association

A Member of the London Potters Association

A Member of HVAF ( Herts Visual Arts Forum)

A Fellow of the AA2A Scheme at the University of Hertfordshire  2008 - 2009 ( Allowing Artist Access to Art Colleges/ Universities )

A Member of Anglian Potters Association.

A Member of Dacorum and Chiltern Potters.

A Member of Stevenage Arts Society.

A Member of the London Potters Association

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